In For & With

To be honest, we are just a bunch of people trying to figure out what it means to love Jesus and love our neighbors. Our neighborhood together is Roosevelt, but many of us live in other neighborhoods. The central focus of our worship, service, struggle, and dreams together are to be In, For, and With the neighborhood. To live into the place and story God has given us, to compassionately be for our neighbors, and to joyfully be with our neighborhood for the common good.

InFor, and With is the RCC ethos—it simply means we consider place, neighbor, and community in all that we do. We want this ethos to define how we live as we try to follow Jesus, because we are convinced that God has called each of us into our unique stories.

We'd love for you to join us as we seek the way of Jesus together and long for the life of Jesus to come alive in us and in our neighbors and in the world around us.